The heat of the night, like a thick wool blanket falls all around us.
A thin rope moves between my fingers, I think of the soft, cool, wetness that is you as I tie the knots that hold your hands above your head. The feel of your smooth skin below my fingers speeds the beat of my heart.
I watch your eyes begin to glow as I touch your secret garden, seeking the hooded monk who stands gaurd at the gate. Giving the mystical sign of the standing stone,
your body quivers ...
your eyes glow ...
I enter your garden and the heat of the night melts away.


In the hot West Texas night I watch as the light of the full moon falls accross your sleeping body setting it aglow with an inner light all of its own ... my mind drifts to the sound of our howling at the moon with an abandon that is only achieved with one's soul mate ... smiling I close my eyes to sleep ... still feeling your lips on mine and hearing our howling echo in my ears.


The sound of the rain outside...
The cool breeze as it gentaly blows through the window, the chill of it causing your nipples to become firm and rise up from their hidding places.
Watching you as you sleep can be such an erotic experence....


When I was younger I perfected the art of invisibility. Not so much that I could not be seen, but more like I was not seen. I could be in a room of people, and no one would notice me. I could speak and no one would hear me. It seems now, this skill also works on email lists. I can post and no one responds. Life can be very strange sometimes.


What do you think about when you kiss my lips?
What do you think about laying there on the bed unable to move your hands or feet?
What do you think about when you are open like a rose in bloom before me?
What do you think about when I touch you there ... or there ...
or THERE!?

What do you think about? I sometimes wonder as I'm looking into your eyes.